My commitment to Madera County didn't begin six months ago. My dedication to the community began more than 34 years ago when I became a reserve deputy sheriff, and that sense of responsibility became even clearer when I joined the District Attorney's staff over 21 years ago.

My highest priority as your District Attorney is the safety of those who live in our county. It is my mission to promote justice and protect the people of Madera County by aggressively and fairly prosecuting those who violate the law.

I believe in upholding the rights of victims; insuring government agencies act in accordance with the law and finally; the efficient operation of my office to ensure the highest value for taxpayers. I am also a staunch supporter of the rights of citizens to keep and bear arms as provided by the second amendment.

Michael R. Keitz


Fighting crime is not only in the hands of our police and sheriffs deputies The real enforcement of our laws is in the hands of who you elect to prosecute the criminals law enforcement apprehends.

There is only one person running for Madera County District Attorney with both the experience and dedication to put dangerous criminals behinds bars where they belong.

I fully support and recommend the re-election of Michael Keitz for Madera County District Attorney.

Mike Reynolds